In my previous article I have discussed about the how art and craft theory helps in the development of the kids. By making different activities kids can develop their creativity and hidden talent. And in fact art is a best way to developing the kids mental level. They use to make new creative ideas which will help in their future purpose too. So I think not only educational subjects like maths, physics, chemistry, English and other subjects. If your kid is small then you can play with him new games by which he can study and learning too. With this post I want to tell you that you have to think or ask your child interest. What he want to do in his future. Play with your children indoor, outdoor games which make him strong and better person.

Some kids like to make drawings, paintings with crayon, pencil colors. They learn many things in different ways. Every kid has its own creativity and mind skill set. By music, dance and visual arts are also best ways to enhance the child creativity. Some kids like to make new sculptures with the clay. Parents can also find out the new ideas which make their child creative and innovative. It builds the children confidence level. They do not hesitate to take part in any activity. Kids need to know more about the different things about the world. When I was a kid I love to make and designs new craft with various waste materials. I used to watch televisions art shows to make different shape with the help of colorful florocil papers and hanging craft items etc. it makes me very happy and I think do more innovative and creative things and I used to decorate my home and specially my room beautiful and decorative. That was best time of my life. Now I encourage the kids to do some amazing and creative things.

The best part of the art activities is that they are teacher oriented; means governed by someone elder and more experienced than us. So it gives us something more creative and fresh which certainly make children learn new things, with no fear of being right or wrong. The kids only get some sort of knowledge. The children’s have a better choice to do whatever thongs what they want to do. I hope my effort make your idea to do such kids of things.