Kids mind is the place for so much naughtiness and fun. They used to do things that give enjoyment and happiness to them. But strangely some things are just simple games while some really requires so much innovation and art. And fortunately such things will broad our child’s mind and thinking with innovative learning. This post is my effort to sum up few of such art activities that surely going to attract and give your child so much learning and exposure for new ideas.

When I started thinking for planning something new and interesting for my little one, the first thing I used was the colourful finger art with the ladyfinger. And luckily he enjoyed it a lot. Also I have seen so much improvement in his thinking abilities. He started applying creative and fresh ideas in his academics also. And that’s what the soul of indulging kids in such activities that involves the overall development of the personality. Another reason is that the preschool age (2-5 years) is the crucial stage when most part of the brain develops. So it needs to be really sharpened with the academic knowledge given in the school whereas the attractive activities that utilizes brain.

  • The simplest of all are the colored dough games that attract most of the child. It can also be used to teach child with the names of the colors, and also making variety of shapes (like animals, fruits) through it.
  • After that, the paintings can also be a good option with crayons for small kids, while liquid colors for mature children.
  • Multiple paintings or a collage can also be a good option for the growing kids with the touch of 3D features.
  • Cooking with kids can also be a wonderful idea to interact with them and making them aware of basic ideas about how to protect themselves in case of fire.
  • Printmaking art is a really brainstorming idea to impress kids.
  • Some handmade stuff like beads necklace can be loved by little girls if they try making it on their own.
  • Playing music is also an interesting way to develop and enjoy.

The best part is that such indoor activities keep you more attached with your beloved child. And similarly he also feels more secure and confident while playing something interesting and useful with his parents. It is like cherry on the cake if you are spending such a quality time to have fun with your child who is contributing a lot in his overall growth and performance. Also this is an efficient way to distract kids from their old cartoon shows and playing games which use to be their all-time favorite. But unfortunately they all are monotonous and not seems informative.