Microgaming has an extensive range of online casino games and has become one of the leading and most important software providers and developers for the online gaming industry. Just considering Blackjack Microgaming games gives players more than forty different games. Although the 40 games are not of different variants some differ in format.

The Blackjack games offered by Microgaming have been divided into three different groups: single hand, multiple hands, and high limit. In the group of multiple hands, players bet up to five hands maximum. Unlike single-handed Blackjack, you only bet on one hand. In the last high limit group, the terms of the bets have a different range. In the first two groups, the ranges of bets range from one credit to two hundred, and in the high limit, they range from two hundred to five thousand credits.

Microgaming only offers four different high limit games: Vegas Downtown Gold Single Hand, Atlantic City Gold Multi-Hand, Atlantic City Gold Single Hand, and European Blackjack Gold Single Hand. The remaining two, that is, multiple and simple hands are only found in standard variants and in gold, as for the rules of the hr game, there are no differences, the difference really arises in the visual configuration of the table, in gold, a Clear and elegant configuration of the visual table.

If you miss the difference already mentioned in Microgaming’s exclusive blackjack games, the range that persists is significantly reduced to fifteen. There are four varieties with exact replicas that can be enjoyed frequently in physical casinos. European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack, and Vegas Strip Blackjack are those games.

The games mentioned above do not have flaws, as happens with progressive jackpots or secondary bets, which have been designed exclusively for blackjack players in the hardcore. In Europe, Blackjack is governed by the rules applied in the Riviera casino and the European casino.

European differentiations from Blackjack differ from American ones since in the North American the dealer does not watch blackjack, only check when the player makes his move. You can play blackjack in different ways at Vegas Strip and Vegas Downtown casinos. The dealer gets 17 soft and hard at the Vegas Strip casino, unlike that of Vegas Downtown where he only gets success in the 17th soft.

The changes promoted in blackjack by Microgaming are at the order of the players in some of their innovative games, such as Super Fun 21, Classic Blackjack, Triple Blackjack 7, Pontoon, Blackjack High Streak, Big 5 Blackjack, Perfect Pairs, Blackjack Bonus and Spanish Blackjack at Fair Go Casino. Of these blackjack games, some can be promoted by different casino game program providers with similar popularity. As for bonus Blackjack can provide secondary bets, which can be placed in advance by the players.

The first two cards the player obtains decide the side bets. By combining Jack of Spades with Ace, he is able to deliver a 50: 1 payout. The connector of some other suite and the Ace can pay 25: 1. The Black Lock Hi Lo 13 variety is able to promise second bets based on the first and second card of the player. In Hi Lo blackjack there is a variant in which if adding two different cards of a player is more than 13 the second bets of Hi Lo provide even money. If on the contrary, the total is less than 13, a payment of 10: 1 will be made per bet 13.

Switch Studios together with a trained team of professionals are behind the sophisticated and new reception of table games such as American Roulette and European Blackjack that have been developed for Microgaming exclusively, joining the recent and superior group of table games software provider

The European Blackjack exhibits a clean and crisp design to give life to a genuine spoiled casino, presenting an elegant and simple interface that handles an exceptional visual quality of all the action.

For both experienced and new players, European Blackjack is perfect, based on a game with a completely new engine that offers fluid playability, exciting card animations, realistic sounds and polished table graphics that together will make your casino experience totally immersive.

In this renewed classic, players can choose to fold, divide and obtain insurance, and also customize the game with turbo mode and left-handed designs. Following closely to the highly acclaimed creation of Microgaming, European roulette is its American counterpart, American roulette. This stylish variety exhibits American-themed artistic works and has an extraordinarily authentic 3D roulette with realist ballot performances.

Founded on a powerful game engine this contemporary North American variety contains a statistics indicator where the history is presented with results of laps and other betting information. Each player can store their favorite betting choices in the favorite’s session or use personal bets to enter a large number of previously selected bets; meanwhile, a sophisticated circuit function delivers for the more experienced players a screen with alternative bets on a board.

These two online table games were designed with the aim of providing a unique casino experience, no matter what type of device is played. Both titles were specifically optimized for mobile devices and can be played both vertically and horizontally, allowing players to change at will

American Roulette and European Blackjack are being treated exclusively by operators of the important developer Microgaming as a renewed image of Microgaming.