Previously I discussed about art creativity in kids through various games or other activities. It has proved it helps in developed or improvement of every kid. So it is necessary to every child has to do art based activities or something like that which help in personal mind development or in social skills. I personally spend most of time with my kid to teach him various techniques or methods which helps him to enhance the mind development. And I found these methods really helps in every child development. These activities boost up their attitude and self-confident. So every parent should do help their children by participating various art activities through which they make new and innovative ideas to win the challenge or competition. School management should offer art based activity or classes which will really help them in growth.

School management should focus art and craft activities along with basic subjects. Some parents thinks art activities just wastage of time, these are not helpful for the kids development. But I would like to tell them they think wrong it helps as well as other core subjects. These activities increase the imagination power of the every child. If your child is shy in nature so I think other activities like dance, drama is also one of the good ways to build the self-confidence in front the other people or strangers or audience. Many children face stage phobia so these activities helps them to build their fear to overcome.

I have noticed that today’s time children do not want to make any creative things, they most of their time to spend with video games, computer, mobile phone, laptops, play stations, x-box, 3d games. They only use to play indoors games with gadgets. Make confortable your child to share his thoughts and innovative ideas with you and apply these with together with the child. It will improve the growth and development. You should encourage your child to do creative activities and appreciate him instead of comparisons. Halloween craft is one of the good activities which develop the child mental growth. Through the Halloween craft they will show their creativity. Different mini projects also help them to show their creativity and definitely learn lots of things. I hope these all information which I am providing you through my site helps you to know about the kid’s related knowledge.