Kids can learn many important skills through creative activities. I can say that kids have the impressive imagination power which makes them able to learn things quickly. These activities are also advantageous for skill development and being confident. Now, the question is “how can we encourage and support our child’s creative activity?” Here are some tips and suggestions, provided by some experts for encouraging kid’s creativity.

Space for Creative Activities – Kids need to have a place, where they can use their imagination for creative ideas. I am not saying that you should have a fancy playground; it could be a corner of your home. Kids can utilize the place independently for different kinds of creative activities such as making tent, dancing and writing a diary.

Make it Simple – Always try to keep it simple and manageable. You don’t need to buy big and latest toys for your kids. Provide safe toys and encourage them to play simple games such as LEGOs. Let them built what they want and don’t instruct them just try giving some hints. I think this will give them a chance to use their imagination power.

Free Time – I think kids should have some unstructured time. Don’t attempt to teach your child all the time. Give your child a few hours to spend freely so they can be relaxed. When you spend time with your kids, ask them about their full day activities and give them imaginative ideas.

Encourage exploration – Try to Avoid shaming your kids if he can’t do any specific thing. You can support them by saying “try something else you would surely get it.” Show respect for their imaginative efforts. Motivate them by saying something encouraging such as “How interesting, the tree you have made is looking so real.” Help them if they ask you but don’t instruct them. For example, while making a drawing try to ask “What color we should use in this flower?”

Don’t Compare – Never compare your child with other because every kid has a different ability to learn. I think unflattering comparison makes a kid discouraged. Avoid to say things like “No, it will never work.” Or “you can’t do anything properly.” Provide them some art materials to utilize such as chalk, clay, crayons and stickers.

All I can suggest is to pay attention to your kid’s likes and provide all the required materials. You can also use the home made tools and instruments. Try to encourage humor; it would help them to learn things in enjoying environment.