In recent years, social media has dramatically increased its popularity. Each time there is a greater number of networks and formats that offer users to be communicated and interact with others easily and quickly through simple to use platforms that are quite attractive.
With the creation of increasingly accessible and user-friendly technologies, social networks have ceased to be of the exclusive use of the youngest, conquering a general audience and all age ranges.
Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, among others, have become the favorites of users who also have the possibility of knowing about the services offered by several companies through the advertisements that are offered there.
Social networks are therefore a large exhibition park where you can find elements or websites related to what you are looking for.
The world of games has taken advantage of these options, making more and better alliances with the main social networks to launch the games in versions that allow playing online with other users, enhancing the characteristics of sociability that were bequeathed to a background in the older computer game options.
Every time there are more developers dedicated to the task of creating games that can be used online sharing with other people, either at the same time or in turn-based games.
The Global Gaming Expo & Summit, held in San Francisco, was the ideal place for the exhibition of new technologies available in relation to games and their union to social networks; this was a topic that generated great interest on the part of the attendees.
In relation to the aforementioned, online casinos and games have gained great importance in the world of alliances with social networks, is an option chosen quite frequently by users. Experts like Simon Burridge, Executive Director of Virgin Games, have managed to foresee the importance and importance that gambling would have on social networks.
That is why more and more investors are dedicated to developing more and better technologies compatible with social networks to increase the profits they represent.
The transcendence of social networks
Everyone wants their achievements to be recognized, even when it comes to games. Based on this premise, the marketing experts of the main gaming and casino companies have been working on options that allow users to share their achievements and victories through social networks.
In addition, they offer the possibility of advancing in games or obtaining points or advantages by sharing their game activity in their profiles, this is an excellent strategy to attract more and more players.
Systems such as Facebook feed allow access to benefits that translate into improvements for the performance of the game of the participants.
In the same way, this link with social networks allows enjoying the games interacting with people from all over the world who converge in one place with the aim of playing; this makes it a more interesting and enriching experience.
Adapting to new demands
The new trend is Adventure Casinos; this modality attracts more and more players who are received in the best way and entertained with generous welcome gifts, as well as having the opportunity to earn bonuses as they play.
There is a large number of avatars that can be customized to suit the individual, from the simplest to the most elaborate options.
These options reward the loyalty of the users, the greater the time spent in these games the greater the rewards that are received, in addition to recognition, such as medal, trophies, etc. And the exhibition in a table of players where the position it occupies in relation to other users who are playing at the same level is evident.
Mutual benefits
The use of games through social networks offers great advantages for players, as has been explained above, but this positive relationship not only benefits users but also the companies that develop games available online through these platforms, because they turn out to be the perfect scenario to launch the marketing campaigns having the certainty of reaching a large number of potential users or buyers of the services offered there.
Without a doubt, this merger has proved to be quite accurate and allows people to feel competent, embrace their individuality and relate to other online players.