There are many people who think that creativity is inborn talent. I can say that every kid has a different ability to learn. Creativity should be considered as skill instead of inborn talent. I think creativity is all about the activities of children like writing story, solving problem, making art and playing music. Thinking a new idea is also creativity. Children mostly do those thinks that they found interesting and easy for them. There are many simple and easy activities which can help our children to increase their creativity. Increasing creativity involves many things such as giving opportunities of solving problems, thinking “out of the box” and discovering new ideas. Here are some ideas and tips which can help the children’s ability to be creative.

  • The easiest idea is asking questions to your children. It will improve their imagination power and critical thinking Encourage them to give their opinion and ask them to tell any story. Ask them about their wish, interest and the things what they want to do.
  • You can also use any resource like paddle pop sticks and tell them how they can use it for their activities. It will give them new ideas and they could ask you many questions that would increase their knowledge.
  • Using a “mystery box” is also a good option. A mystery box can include many thing and items as flowers, shells, collection of toys and other things of playing. Your children can utilize the items as source of inspiration to make something new and creative.
  • Try to challenge your children to think of new and different uses of things. The things could be a bowl, spoon, hat, paper plate, straw and other items of daily uses.
  • While spending time with your children you can ask them different and creative questions like what kind of images they can see in the clouds?
  • Thinking out of the box is also very beneficial for increasing creativity of your children. You can tell them to draw a shape with the help of their imagination and use the shape in their drawing.

I think children keep open-minded approach for anything so always try to give your children time and space when they need. Don’t try to teach them all the time and let them choose the things to do according to their interest. Let your child help you if they want. All I can say that being creative is not inborn talent. Children can be more skilled with their imagination and new ideas.